About Elrosa and Song4You


Elrosa is a singer and soundhealer, born in Belgium, but currently living in 'The Land of Aranyalma', Hungary.

For this Song4You project, she has been inspired by the beautiful story of

"They're singing YOUR song..."

When a woman of a certain African tribe knows she's pregnant, she goes into the wilderness, praying and meditating until she hears the child's song.
She knows that every soul has its own vibration, expression and purpose.

When she has tuned in to the song and received the child's name, she returns to the tribe and teaches it to everyone. This way the whole community can welcome the baby at birth by singing his or her song.

After that, the song is sung at every important event in the child's life. When it first goes to school, the village gathers and sings the child's song. When it has passed the initiation into adulthood and also at the time of marriage, that person hears his or her song. Finally, when the time comes to leave this world, family and friends gather at that person's bedside, just as they did at birth, and sing him or her to the next life.


This story inspired me to start recording 'name songs' in the music studio so people at home could recall that feeling when listening to 'their song'.
I tuned in to the vibration of a particular name and let all my love flow through my voice.
Up until now, I have recorded more than 250 names (in dutch) but I plan to release many more (also in English) and on request other languages.
When I told this beautiful story during my singing workshops, there were always a few participants who shed a tear... How wonderful it must be to be welcomed like this with your own 'name song', they sighed.

That is why it was regularly the standard during the workshops to give that gift to each other, and we sang each other's name full of love, as a kind of deeply relaxing sound bath. The 'receiver' was in the middle and the singers formed a circle around... Because ... even though none of us was born in an African tribe, we all long for that deep sense of 'coming home to who we are' and feeling unconditionally loved.

It's my wish that these Song4You melodies may touch many hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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