What a special gift is

A Song With Your Name

What a special gift is

A Song With Your Name

What a special gift is

A Song With Your Name

What a special gift is

A Song With Your Name

Has anyone ever sung a song with YOUR name in it?

A Song4You is a song without lyrics or story, but with the loving frequency of your name woven into the melody.

After listening to your ‘Name Song’, you will feel cherished, peaceful and completely relaxed.

Every time you hear YOUR song, you’ll come home to yourself.

It's the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

So go ahead, and see if your SPECIAL SONG is in the catalogue, ready to download, so you can listen to it wherever you are.

Oh no, I can't find the name I am looking for!

No worries! You now can request a Personal Song4you!

If you can't find the name you are looking for, click here to add a personalised recording to your cart.

Write the name in the text box and you'll receive the recording in your inbox as soon as it's ready!

A song with Your name

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Send A Song4you as GIFT

Looking for an unforgettable, 'non-material' gift? One that has the potential to transform someones life for good?

Don't miss this unique opportunity and make your mother, beloved, child or friend FEEL SPECIAL by gifting them their unique name song, or surprise young parents with the name song of their NEWBORN BABY!

Choose the gift that suits you best:

MP3 download: You can download the song (mp3) immediately after purchase and send it to the receiver by email - 12,50 euro

eCARD with mp3 attached: Send a personalized eCard with a picture of Elrosa playing the monochord. After ordering, within 9 working days, we will attach the mp3 of the song to the card and send the link to you. You then can add a personal message and plan when you want the card to be sent. Perfect surprise for a Birthday or Mother's Day! - 17,50 euro

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A Friend is someone who knows your song and reminds it to you when you have forgotten!

Calling you back 'home'

Would you also like to be sung to, to sink into the embrace of nurturing sounds, which are sung especially for you?
Sounds of comfort, sounds of recognition.
Just press the pause button and enjoy smooth sounds?

Treat yourself to this unique gift now!

Because even though you've been out of diapers for a long time, it's just nice to be comforted and to dream away for a while in the embrace of a warm, loving voice, that makes you feel completely okay just the way you are.

Elrosa sings in a language that is not understood by the head, but certainly felt by the heart.

It's all about the frequency and the pure vibration of the sounds, stripped of any traditional meaning of words, yet filled with loving intentions and healing energy.

When you first hear your name sung to you, you might feel emotional, as if you were cuddled in your mother’s arms.

As a Song4You is a melody without lyrics or story, you can fully concentrate on your own inner experience and let the sound carry you away.

The accompanying instrument is the monochord, a string instrument that somewhat resembles the sound of rippling water.

Some people see images during the song, or have physical sensations.

But even if you don't notice anything special, by listening to your personal song, you will remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you feel broken, your innocence when you feel guilty, and your purpose when you feel confused.